The GREEN Movement = Environmental Awareness

The BLUE Movement = HUMAN Awareness
(world peace, human rights, social and economic justice, sustainable lifestyle)

Every once in a while, something comes along that is clearly a next step. 
The idea seems to answer some collective question hanging out in the culture. 
It becomes an underground buzz, and within a period of time it becomes part of our cultural vernacular. 
The Blue Movement is such an idea. 
In a time not too far off from now, it will have spread like wildfire.

BLUE points to the sacredness of every human. 
BLUE is the much needed reminder that not only are we all interconnected, we are all one.

There is a NEW MOVEMENT that is emerging in our everyday culture. 
Green has been associated with the Environmental Movement and this has successfully brought incredible awareness to our environment.
There was a time when the environmental movement was called the ecology movement.  But only once it was named "The Green Movement" (in a sense branding the environmental movement) did it begin to permeate into mainstream society.

continues where green has not been able to go.  THE BLUE MOVEMENT combines Environmental Awareness with Human Awareness.  This is a larger revolution that includes peace, social and economic justice, as well as a personal sustainable lifestyle.  BLUE is a lifestyle.

BLUE is a paradigm shift.  The Blue Paradigm is emerging in each individual and in our collective consciousness.  The Blue Paradigm recognizes that a problem can never truly be fixed from the same place that the created the problem.  The Blue Paradigm offers solutions that will create a balanced humanity: peace on earth and within each individual. 

BLUE represents that which connects and unites all humans.

There is great evidence that cutting edge ADVERTISERS as well as ACTIVISTS are already using BLUE.

Click on any of these links for further evidence for blue and how The Blue Movement is already spreading.