• The BLUE CHAKRA - next two chakras after green are BLUE and INDIGO (dark Blue).  Dark Blue corresponds to the Third Eye or Intuition - Divine Guidance.  It is the highest vibration that is still embodied.  Love Embodied.

  • KRISNA: The BLUE God -  Krishna symbolizes the EMBODIMENT of Spirituality.  The highest vibration while still being IN THE BODY.   Perfect balance between Physical and Spiritual.  Enjoying good food while remaining perfectly respectful and aware.  Tangible Support, Accompaniment, Equality, Love and Peace.  

  • The BLUE LIGHT of Archangel Michael - Prince of the Archangels who carries the very Electronic Blueprint of the understanding of the Law and the Grid.  He carries the forcefield of Blue Ray Protection and Faith obtaining victory through gentleness.

  • THE BLUE RAY - One of the three flames that reside within the secret chamber of the heart as part of the Three-fold Flame, which is central to God's divine spark and workings with us.  The Blue Ray protects from false illusions and ego and cuts away all that is unreal. 

  • YOGA: THE BLUE PEARL - Yoga claims that the color of our Consciousness is BLUE and it is the goal of all seekers to find it.

  • JUDAISM: The BLUE of the Ocean, the Sky, and the Tzitzit - "Perhaps thinking of the blue of the ocean and the sky can serve as a reminder to care for the earth and make choices that lead to sustainable development. Perhaps remembering those who inhabit the expanse of land between ocean and sky, and recalling our communal redemption story, should remind us of our obligation to build a world that honors the dignity and equality of all people."

  • BLUE DOTS - More and more people are claiming to see BLUE dots while having mystical/ spiritual experiences.  Links to real people's stories coming soon.
  • THE BLUE BUDDHA - Also known as Master of Healing or Medicine Buddha, The Blue Buddha is the buddha of healing

8/8/08 - More and more BLUE emerging after this date. 

  • Prophecy of 2012 - 8/8/08 begins the second half of the 8 years leading to 2012.  Whereas the first 4 years were about the BLUE energy emerging in a more subtle way, after 8/8/08 it begin to appear more and more tangibly visible and prominent.

  • Krishna - is associated with the number 8.  He was the 8th son and born on the 8th hour of the 8th day of the 8th month.
  • Blue Hair Dye - 8 is the official number of the color Blue in the hair dye industry... coincidence?
  • THE BLUE FAIRY (aka The Fairy with Turquoise Hair) - Pinocchio's conscience is embodied as a fairy with BLUE hair.  The Blue Fairy offers him guidance and support.  She eventually rewards him for his well-acquired and genuine goodness by enabling his transformation into a real, flesh-and-blood human boy and becomes a mother figure to him.